Lucy Pinder and Lucy Collett and Fellow Fantastically Funbagged Friends Flash for Midweek Glory

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When we heard our friends at Nuts we're releasing a special pictorial in honor of big funbags, well, we had a little releasing of our own to consider. As you know, we are appreciators of the boobtastic of all shapes and sizes here. Mother Nature has yet to pack a pair of flesh puppies onto a hot girl that we don't consider downright beautiful, especially when oiled and shimmering beneath the environmentally friendly bulbs recently installed in our basement apartment. In short, size does not matter, but, yeah, big is pretty nice.

Lucy Pinder is not just fortunate enough to have been born ridiculously hot, but she's got a pair of melons on her most definitely worth celebrating; throw in the newly crowned monumental pair of ginger-not Lucy Collett, along with Lacey Banghard and Stacey Poole,  and you have a downright ogle worthy bit of midweek drudgery relief. Enjoy.

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