Melissa Debling Doubly Answers Our TGIF Prayer For All Things Ripe and Nurturing

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There's really only one thing better than reaching Friday unscathed and still free from the long arm of the law, and that thing we simply don't allow to happen out in the open here in the offices any longer. But we do appreciate a communal beverage or two, the kind with fancy labels that turn colors with various temperatures, not like that French bubbly that just stays green no matter warm or cold.

And, we definitely prefer that frosty drink with the opposing heat offered up by the likes of Melissa Debling, a glamour model who never fails to look like she just put out her shingle for business. While we appreciate the demure ladies, there's something to be said for the members of the fairer sex that don't require a lot of complex analysis. And when they have bodies like Melissa, we adore it that much more. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out much more of Melissa Debling at her pictorial site,

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