READER FINDS: Geri Halliwell Jungle Nekkid, Lizzie Jagger Nip Slip, the Pink Ranger With Her Shirt Open, and Much Much More...

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Of all the sacks I might gently caress in any given week, the sack containing our Reader Finds mail is most definitely my favorite (that didn't come out right). The anticipation of not knowing what skin-filled celebrity presents lie within the crushed velvet purse we used to hold all of your discoveries during the week, it's really quite chilling. My physician, the esteemed Francis Burger M.D. says I ought to up my meds if I'm feeling such sensations, but, then, Dr. B has never stuck his paw into a velvet pouch stuffed with pure sextastic.

This week's fountain of reader-submitted flesh includes Gerri Halliwell pre-Spice Girl but post-getting nekkid, Lizzie Jagger flashing nipple on the runway, Amy Jo Johnson, the Pink Ranger, almost almost flashing the same, Bollywood veteran hottie Aishwarya Rai, with some upskirt and camel toe movie stills, Johanna Lundback hotness in see-through lingerie once more, maybe Cassie Steele maybe flashing her DeGrassi boob, Brazilian ginger hottie Cintia Dicker in a fashion pictorial that is just plain clothed-sexy, Rosie Jones not at all covered topless, Jordan Hinson sexy licking, and Demi Lovato bikini butt shot from distance. Yep, today's sack is ready to burst.

Finds and Credits:

Muchos British gracias to 'Pete P.' for his contribution of some very ancient, pre-Spice Girls nekkid photos of Geri Halliwell, a late teen, getting au natural with nature and her own chubby hot young self. Check out the bare roots on Ginger Spice.

Thanks to EgoReader 'AbSeNT_07' for his discovery and uncovery of Lizzie Jagger flashing some nipple when she ought not on the fashion show runway. It's a nice little sneak peek at Mick's daughter.

Well, if you're favorite Power Ranger isn't Pink, you just might be on the wrong website. 'Tiger C.' knows just what we like and it's Amy Jo Johnson with an open shirt, almost showing us her fully Mighty Morphins.

Many Internet points to 'Randee' for sharing with us some amazingly hot covered topless pictures of the sextastic Kelly Brook from an Alan Strutt photoshoot. Just scorching.

Weird, but maybe true? We're not quite sure about this one, so take it with a grain of salt, but loyal reader 'Jordan A.' thinks he has found a webcam flash from Cassie Steeele, the brunette hottie who plays Manny Santos on DeGrassi High. You be the judge. And, yes, we go there.

Have you noticed just how damn hot Jordan Hinson of Eureka is? Well you have now, thanks to 'Brian E.'

Thanks to 'Reg D.' for these Cintia Dicker clothing line photos; yes, they're clothed, but Cintia is just so damn red hot, she is a must see on all fronts.

Don't you know when we show one British glamour model and call them our 'fave', we're going to get blow-back, thankfully, the best kind, as in 'Gerry W.' submitting his own favorite, Rosie Jones, in outtakes from the recent Nuts 'Babes in the Bedroom' photo series. Double blessings.

'Pete C.' knows exactly what we and the rest of the man-kind world loves, and it's sweet sexy Swede Johanna Lundback in some teasy see-through lingerie. It truly is a sight for sore eyes and other soon to be sore body parts.

Do you love Bollywood hotties as much as EgoReader 'Tim S.'  We do. And we totally dig on his  contribution of veteran hottie Aishwarya Rai flashing some upskirt views of her camel toe-licious panties in one of the millions of song and dance numbers set to awesome Indian music.

And last, but most definitely not least, 'Omar B' knows a good telescopic candid when he sees it. And he done saw it with Demi Lovato flashing her thong bikini bottom poolside. If nothing else, I've now found my hiding place for when the 2012 Apocalypse goes down.


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