READER FINDS: Selena Gomez Down Top and Commando Bottom, Lady Gaga Bare Top Show, Angelina Jolie See-Through, and Much More...

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Phew and pshaw, as the kindly older woman who raised me for several years before the police caught up with her and arrested her for stealing me from my stroller would say after a long day. It's sort of an exasperated sounds the best describes how we all feel when we hit the end of the week.

But there's no phewing or pshawing around the veritable visual highlight of each week here on Egotastic!, the community chest contributions from our readers of all that they have found in their diligent and most likely pants-less searches across the unending digital expanses of the Internet. The array of the asstastic and celebrity sexy never ceases to amaze us here. 

This week's Reader Finds includes a double dose of Selena Gomez, both down her top to some healthy boobtastic and up her concert costume to see her seemingly commando, Lady Gaga wrapped in clear plastic, classic Angelina Jolie hotness exhibition, Adriana Lima in a wicked sweet photoshoot, Lacey Banghard topless and loaded, Courteney Cox camel toe-licious, Kelly Brook in bed in lingerie, Noelia Rios in a quite unclothed TV performance, Nicole Murphy see-through to mammaries, and Amba Jackson (Mick Jagger's teen granddaughter) showing almost too much for her age. It's a melting pot of the magnificent indeed.


 Many thanks to EgoReader 'Psychic' for his contribution of what at least appears to be Selena Gomez in concert without any drawers on under her unitard-rific red costume. And similar kudos to 'Big Red' for a view down Selena's bent over top for some very solid amount of boobtastic leerage. It's all very good on the Selena front today.

Blessed be 'Jose K.' who uncovered the plastic wrapped covered Lady Gaga flashing her bare bad romance melons.

EgoSuperFan 'Doug' knows how we all miss the days of a far riper, far hotter, far showier Angeline Jolie, not that long ago really, as evidenced by this wet-top see-through pictorial from Esquire just seven years ago.

Double-D credit to 'James H.' for providing us a look at the sextastic boobtastic outtakes of Lacey Banghard from her recent Loaded photoshoot. She is a banger indeed.

'David M.' knows a see-through top when he sees one, and he done spotted a nice on on the very buxom Nicole Murphy, former wife of Eddie Murphy, flashing her chest puppies a couple or three years back now on the red carpet.

Much Internet points to 'Ray' for contributing some clothed, but wickedly hot pictures of Adriana Lima from a Matt Jones photoshoot. Adriana is one of the few women who can make even being dressed look nekkid hot.

 While a few of you took note of Courteney Cox cameltoe on Cougar Town, it was EgoReader 'Sam A.' who actually submitted the photos. That's yeoman's work indeed.

'Bill W.' wanted to share some Kelly Brook pimping Silent Night bedding in her own night clothes. Hot.

Quick responsive thanks to 'Gary' for rapid response finds of yesterday's Argentinean sensation, Noelia Rios, on what appears to be a truly award winning bit of late night television, Amateur.

And last, but not least, 'Salva S.' wanted to do a little underaged sharing of Amba Jackson, sixteen year old granddaughter at a magazine party almost showing too much. Almost.


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