Renee Olstead Nipple Pokes for a Return to Ginger Hotness

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You know we were pleased as spiked punch a couple years ago now to first introduce Renee Olstead ginger time hotness to the big wide world of male oglers. The vastly underrated redheaded hottie star then of the Secret Life of the American Teenager was growing up fast, a little too fast it seemed, and catching the leers of men far and wide, and most definitely shallow and deep.

Then came the long hiatus from public hotness and a seclusion in the more girl-friendly arena of style and fashion and hipster hats and we kind of lost our magical connection with our not-so-secret ginger crush.

So consider us a tad bit verklempt when we finally saw Renee at the Louder than Words event this week, looking all kinds of hot, and while she has for some unfortunate reason Lindsay'd her hair and lost her ginger locks, her headlights still shone through like magical pointers to happiness through her skin tight orange dress. And that all made it very worthwhile. Hopefully we'll be seeing more, much more of Renee in the near future. Enjoy.

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