Sammy Braddy Final Topless Photoshoot (Spill Some Breast Milk for My Homies)

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There's a very unsettling trend going on. Some of our favorite sextastic glamour models hanging up the funbags and seeking retirement in the form of the obligatory 'going back to school' or 'fading from the spotlight', or 'spending more time with family'. As if any of these reasons excuse taking your amazing chest puppies and going home.

Alas, what can you do in this age of personal freedom and individual liberties that allow a super boobtastic hottie like Sammy Braddy to put her winter melons away for good, depriving the ogling community of two awesome sextacular mainstays. Blessed be our friends at Zoo magazine for highlighting the headlights of Sammy Braddy's last topless photoshoot ever, a tribute to a twin pair of precious pairs that we may never see again. Thus, we weep.

Yet, sob not for too long, the good folks at Zoo have a topless interactive dating game certain to ease your troubled mind, and other body parts:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="330"></iframe>

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