Sophia Cahill Nekkid Preggo Catwalk Makes Fashion Worth Watching

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Apparently the former Miss Wales and Miss World contestant, Sophia Cahill, well, she likes hats. And apparently, by looking at her swollen belly, her mate wasn't properly wearing his hat at least one fateful evening a few months back. But the two elements combined this past week in epically memorable force in London as Sophia Cahill came down the catwalk perfectly pregnant and perfectly nekkid modeling some kind of silly chapeau that I'm told is in high style these days, but, honestly, who was looking at the top of her head during the show? (Well, if you've been to fashion events before, I must say, probably a majority of the foppish crowd).

Look, we all come into this world nekkid, but we don't come in with hats. This seems like a natural fit. Enjoy.

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