Sophie Howard May Be Gone, But Her Ridiculously Hot Body Will Never Be Forgotten

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When Sophie Howard announced her resignation from the office of super hot glamour model princess at the end of last year, well, I'm not afraid to confess that I cried like a girl whose brother just fractured her favorite Barbie into a million pieces with a M-80 explosive. Not that I'm admitting to partaking in this type of social experiment out in Mr. Jones vacant backlot. but trust me, that's a lot of crying.

But imagine every tear a lost opportunity to see this brunette boobtastic model afresh, a new, and a'super hot. Thankfully, the transition period is being cushioned by our friends at Nuts magazine, who have released a series of outtake photos of Sophie in some of her finer, flouncier, and more funbag exposing moments. It's not a cure-all, but it's certainly a nice short-term remedy for our missing-model melancholia. Plus, outtakes, need we say more. Enjoy.

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