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Stephanie Seymour Bare Chested and Scubatastic in V Magazine Sports Edition

Okay, granted, our friends at V Magazine used a liberal bit of the old airbrush on Stephanie Seymour, our dear lady of all things taboo mom related. Yes, the 40-something model MILF is ridiculously hot for her age, so smoking that we have already absolved her boys of any sin for partaking in the flesh of the mother, because this mother is so damn sextastic. Though, still, those abs look more like the work of Picasso, than Pilates, if you know what I'm saying.

Still, a chance to see this uber-hot MILF topless and sporting in rubber is just too much to pass up. It certainly has me re-issuing my request for adoption papers to the Seymour residence, where I someday hope to be moving in as the third son, the one with the extra grabby hands. Enjoy.

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