Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF): Lacey Banghard Topless Photos With Wicked Camera Placement

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Sometimes (all day, every day) you just need some funbags to see you through.

It's been a long week at work here, you too? Hell yeah, don't even need to answer, I know it has. I feel your pain. And, hopefully, help to relieve it as well courtesy of Lacey Banghard and her literal award winning melons of pleasure.

Oh, but let's not stop there, oh seekers of the end of the week salve for the soul, because Lacey gets extra naughty in this little shoot, covering up her cooch with a camera, in what I like to think of as a symbolic statement about the ethereal nature of image capture, but you're more than welcome just to think about as a hot naughty tease. Enjoy.

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