Theodora Richards Drops Some See-Through Goodness to Make Fashion Week Interesting

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As you know, everything we know here about fashion can be summed up in two words: Target coupons. And we do find these never-ending fashion weeks rather tedious bits of superficial, and rather expensive, blather. It's hard to justify a $200 shirt, especially when you translate that into cans of Stroh's. But every now and then, a solid skin flash comes along to one of these chi-chi events that makes the entire leering at haute couture all worthwhile.

Over the weekend at the New York Fashion Week, model Theodora Richards, daughter of legendary Stones guitarist Keith Richards, strode down the catwalk in a top that can only be described as not really there, flashing her bare boobtastic momentarily at least for all the gawkers and shoppers to see. Now, we're definitely more in the gawking than shopping category, so we obliged Theordora with a solid ahooga and a bit of drool. Our customary cultured gesture. Enjoy.

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