Adrienne Bailon Flashes Bare Peach in the Big Apple

I suppose this is to be expected once you've dated a Kardashian for long enough, you're simply going to be prone to grandiose public displays of attention, as was the case with Adrienne Bailon last night when she was one of many sexy celebrities strutting the red carpet at a Caesar's Palace pimping party in New York, and, call it a wardrobe malfunction, or just say somebody dropped a quarter in the booth, but the Latina singer and former Cheetah Girl was flashing her lady mojito for all the world to see.

Despite what we claimed to a judge several years ago in our own case involving a local waterpark and some scared children, we like to think that there are no such thing as clothing malfunctions; just a deep seeded desire for exhibition. Consider Adrienne Bailon quite the show-woman. Enjoy.

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