Amii Grove and Danni Wells Battle for Funbag Glory in Thursday's Page 3 Boob-Off

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We preach the doctrine of non-violence here at Egotastic! Make love to hot women, not war with ugly dudes. But, on occasion, there is the need for righteous battle, for good to battle gooder, busty to battle bustier, for a battle between Page 3 topless hotties. Our booblust must be served.

In this week's ever epic ta-on-ta competition, we have blonde hottie Danni Wells of so many legendary dreams of mine taking on Amii Grove, who if you're an Egotastic! scholar will remember as one of the topless woodland warriors in the 'Booby Trap' scene from Your Highness.

Who's beautiful funbags reign supreme on this day of Thor? As always, you must decide for yourself, preferably in the quiet space of your locked bathroom or basement hideaway. Enjoy.

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