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Camille Rowe Topless Hot and All Kinds of Fashion Forward in Elle Magazine

Okay, disclaimer, I have no effin' clue what 'fashion forward' means, but I've heard Heidi Klum use it in several interviews, and my buddy Lester Jacoby used it once recently in a sentence, before myself and three other friends were forced to punch him silly in the face for his infraction.

But what we have great and deep knowledge and affection for is hottie French model, Camille Rowe, a frequent exhibitor of her own sextastic self on Egotastic! as Camille just happens to take great pictures. And she makes them even greater by taking her top off. Take for instance this otherwise middling fashiony photo pictorial from the current edition of Elle Belgium, suddenly made better with bare boobtastic. Funbags make everything better. They're like chocolate or beer. Everything gets better when they're around. Enjoy.

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