Christina Hendricks Declares Alleged Christina Hendricks Topless Picture Are Not Her Funbags

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Part two in today's adventures of cell phone pictures being denied by Hollywood's hottest A-list sextastic stars.

Cell phone pictures of boobtastic fantastic ginger hottie Christina Hendricks emerged over the weekend, to which the actress claims that the set is a mixed bag of actually stolen cell phone pictures of her provocatively dressed, but clothed. But she adamantly insists that the topless photo in the set, the jiggly wiggly mountains of funtastic photo, are the flesh puppies of another woman.

Without a head in the photo, it's an ever inconclusive game, albeit we know what we'd like to believe ourselves. We also know that Christina posing topless could certainly drive her point home, and drive our points to madness. But, as always, we'll let you decide.

Check out the racy photos Christina Hendricks admits are her at Co-Ed Magazine.

And read more about the Christina Hendricks denial at TMZ.

What a day.

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