Egotastic! Sleuths on the Case of the Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn 'I Deny They're Me' Photos

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Media elements previously appearing in this news article have been removed at the request of counsel for Olivia Munn.

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Thanks to EgoReaders 'Craig' and 'Dude' and others who are utilizing their degrees in French literature to comb over the rather graphic data available on the web to try and produce CSI casework on the 'yep, d'ats definitely her' side of the argument in regard to the alleged Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks cell phone pictures sweeping the digisphere this week.

Also, from 'Franz' check out this Complex magazine photoshoot of Olivia Munn, presumably in her own home, with bathroom tiles that look suspiciously familiar. Oh, how we love a good conspiracy involving hot female fleshy undertones! Enjoy.

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