Elena Melnik Topless Pictorial Helps Bring Us Survive Another Fashion Week Feeling of Hopelessness

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Are you like me? Whenever there's a big time world Fashion Week going on like this week in Paris you think to yourself -- hmm, why do I know and care jack shizz about fashion? How come the entire point of this entire multi-billion dollar fashion industry that seems to obsess so many women and my guy friends who used to watch Will & Grace completely eludes me in terms of even a modicum of interest? Yes, we feel left out. 

Well, thank the higher power for making sure that high fashion inevitable also involves the bringing together of super hot models and nekkidness, as is the case with Elena Melnik, Russian high paid fashion model, pimping something fashiony in EastWest magazine, and just looking all kinds of ridiculously exotic and hot. Yes, fashion can make sense, if only you filter it through the proper filter. Enjoy.

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