Emily O'Hara Flashes Her WAGtastic Udders for Loaded

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I think it's now a clearly established and accepted generality that soccer players simply bag the best tail.

Consider Exhibit #473, genetically gifted glamour model, Emily O'Hara, the girlfriend of Manchester United's Tom Cleverley, who is featured in this month's Loaded magazine, flashing her bodily gifts, and making us all wish we'd listened harder to the coach back in AYSO. Of course, my coach just told me to go find another sport, but for those of you with real hands-less sports talent, you might be kicking yourself for not sticking it out on the pitch.

Granted, you do need to rise to the level of multi-million dollar contracts before the likes of Emily O'Hara comes smiling seductively your way, but with a girl as hot and topless as Emily, this is all about dreams. Enjoy.

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