Eniko Mihalik Brings Some Supermodel Topless Hotness to 'The Room'

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Okay, so unless you avidly track European models like we do with our NORAD like hottie wall map of the world here, then maybe you're not familiar with the spicy young Hungarian Eniko Mihalik. And, unless you're obsessed with fairly obscure style and fashion world magazines that require Google translator to read online, then you may not be familiar with The Room magazine. But you're about to become very intimate with both as the wicked hot Eniko Mihalik strikes all types of very passion inducing poses without her top in the current edition of the magazine.

It's just downright unreal how alluring this woman is. So, yes, blame me if you're now obsessed with a brand new virtual lady friend. Blame me, or send me a Hallmark thank you card. I do collect and display them on the mantle of my faux fireplace. Enjoy.

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