Floppy Tesouro Covered Topless Big Brother Contestant Gets Wet Hot in H Magazine (VIDEO)

I'm pretty sure that if you're a young woman in Argentina, and you're super hot, that at some point a big truck from the producers of Big Brother comes by your home and just snatches you up to put you on their show. It seems like that Big Brother house down Buenos Aires way is just packed with super fine Latina junior celebrities, almost a right of passage for sultry sextastics like Floppy Tesouro, before continuing their reality show fame on the nation's dancing shows, variety hours, and tons of magazine and photo modeling, as the ironically named Floppy does in this month's edition of the Spanish language periodical de hotties, H magazine. 

I'm telling you now that you must look at her pictorial below. But if you're not watching the Behind the Scenes video above, you're missing a whole lot of Latina wet and awesome. Disfruta.

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