Ice and Coco Inseparable By Sheer Forces of Science

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If you're an avid follower of the Ice loves Coco reality show, and if you are, just keep it to yourself and move along quietly as if nothing is wrong, then you know this week's episode focused on how Ice was struggling to spend even a a weekend away from his outrageously curvaceous vixen-wife Cocobecause the two are literally inseparable for many years now.

Of course, at Egotastic!, we believe firmly in the power of love, not necessarily the kind Huey Lewis sang about when dudes wore sport coats with sleeves rolled up, but the kind that comes from the sheer gravitational pull of your lady's fun bags upon your person. It's not that Ice can't bring himself to leave Coco for any length of time, it's that he literally can't leave any more than a person can jump off this here planet. It's all science you see. 

Just ogle upon Coco's bare bosom from this classic Ice and Coco done 'oops' moment and see if you could ever physically peel yourself away from those particular globes. Enjoy.

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