Jennifer Lopez Dresses for Success on Brazilian TV

Ever since she broke it off with her pencil-thin and pencil mustached husband, Jennifer Lopez seems to be having something of a renaissance of hotness. Perhaps it's being banged 24x7 by her backup dancer slash young boy-toy Casper What's His Face, but J-Lo appears to be hitting the rebound circuit like a master of the boards, including her appearance yesterday on a Brazilian TV show she co-produces with her former husband, flashing all kinds of upskirt views beneath the super short dress clinging tightly to her MILFtastic form.

Yes, it turns out, regular sex is very good for you ladies. Men, you'd do it even if it wasn't healthy, so no need to tell you. But, J-Lo, keep up the boot knocking, it's doing wonders for your boot. Enjoy.

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