Jennifer Lopez Flashes Skin and World Famous Asstastic for New Music Video Shooting in Acapulco

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I'll say this for Jennifer Lopez, I'd still pay somewhere between my entire net worth and ninety-eight dollars (so, eighty-four dollars if we're splitting the difference) for the chance to be the guy who gets to oil her body down before photoshoots. Perhaps that Latina body and boot-tay ain't precisely what it was ten years ago, but this veteran MILF still has me instinctively reaching for the baby oil with dreams of shining and buffing every curve.

Jennifer has been down in Acapulco with her young rebound boyfriend slash boy toy backup dancer filming her new music video for some song or another. Even at 42, Jennifer's still shimmying her way into tight clothes for her visual appearances, which brings us much eyeball merriment. Keep on keeping on, Jenny from the Block. Enjoy.

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