Jess Kingham Topless Pictures for the Absolute Best Way to Introduce Yourself on Egotastic!

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There's a polite 'hello'. Then there's bringing candy to the door. Or beer, that is better than candy. Or even a sexy wink and beer, one of the great ways to show up at our doorstep. But the very best way? An outlandishly hot topless pictorial in the delightfully D-cup filled Nuts magazine, which is exactly how Jess Kingham makes her way onto our pages, and into our hearts, today. 

Whatever happened between us Yanks and the Brits a couple hundred years ago, well, consider it all but forgotten, if we can lay our lust-filled eyes upon the likes of Jess Kingham, we just have to call it even. Or, double evens. Jess Kingham's funbags might just save the world. Enjoy.

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