Jessica Simpson Preggo Covered Topless in Elle

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File this under the category of you didn't ask for this, but you're going to get it anyhow, as supesized Jessica Simpson makes her covered-nekkid debut in Elle magazine. While the extensive air brushing of dark room folks at the magazine have helped hide the fact that Jessica is clearly about to deliver somewhere between 9 and 12 fully grown members of the species through her reproductive canals, we here at Egotastic! who have been tracking Jessica's growth chart of late know full well that she now singlehandedly blows past the maximum load limit of all but the most industrial of building elevators.

That all being said, let's not overlook the majesty of child birth, the miracle of pregnancy, and the mammoth mammaries Jessica is barely covering in these showy, but sweet photos taken with her boyfriend or fiancee, but I don't think husband really, former short-lived NFL tight end, Eric Johnson. Enjoy.

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