Jordan Carver Part Deux: Covered Topless Angel in Our Outfield

Editors note: some or all of the images in this post have been removed at request of JCM.

Hah, you didn't think we'd end this Friday without a TGIF, not that we haven't seen some amazing tube tops today, but doubling up on Jordan Carver today seems like the perfectly appropriate way to celebrate the end of the work week, or smokes day for my Uncle Titomish who remains locked up for crimes against cats.

Jordan Carver is simply put -- delicious. Her amazing udders evoke a strong sense of 'Mommy" that innately touches each and every one of us deep in our primeval survival lobes, at least, I think that's what I feel touching me. I dare any man to ogle Jordan Carver and not feel a comforting warm smile overtaking his mug. It's just not possible.

Even if you're not an Angels fan in the least, just imagine Jordan in your own team's gear if that helps, and smile smile smile. Oh, and enjoy.

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