Juliana Ninin Topless Pictures Raise the Rooftop With Stunning Visuals

If there's one question I get asked more than any other, I mean, besides, 'If I look in your trunk, am I going to find anything?', it is most definitely, queries about the next gen of Brazilian supermodels.

Now that the likes of Gisele Bundchenand Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima are all getting into marriages and family ways and easing up on work, who is going to be the crop of replacement hotties for this perennially thriving sexy celeb category. Obviously, you know of our love for redheaded Cintia Dicker, but also pay very close attention, as we do, very closely, to Juliana Ninin, Brazilian almost-supermodel who may just be replacing one of her more world-famous cohorts in the very near future. 

Examine carefully Juliana's qualifications in her sexy rooftop hangout photoshoot and see if you don't agree with our scouting report. Enjoy.

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