Katy Cocktease Goes See-Through In Paris for a Cockteasian Fashion Statement

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While rumors swirl around Katy Cocktease and why Russell Brand was forced to dump her as his beloved bride after such a short betrothal, Katy Perry continues her world 'look I've got blue hair so I must be okay with things' tour, with a stop in Paris, where the not fully show-and-tell pop princess teased up a storm in a see-through skirt that can only be described as Cockteasian in design.

Now, we have finally grown tired of pleading with Katy to finally show us her magnificent bare orbs, it only serves to frustrate and anger us, like a pasties covered world of sadness, but maybe Katy will surprise us with a flash of her lady diva nest sometime soon? Nah, probably not so much, not even Russell got to see that. Enjoy.

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