Lauren Stoner Topless Suntanning Photos Will Transform Your Autobot

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Worst post title ever? Yeah, but I got two Transformers puns as a lead in to some amazingly hot candid photos of a very topless Lauren Stoner, model and erstwhile actress and even more erstwhile Michael Bay main squeeze. And, speaking of squeeze... we've been lusting Lauren's ridiculously sleek bikini body all through the winter and with just 24 hours until the vernal equinox, I can already feel the inner snows melting with these glorious topless shots of Lauren on the beach in Miami. (And if a peekaboo at Lauren's splendiferous top only delays  you momentarily from checking out pictures of one of the finest bikini bottoms Mother Nature has ever produced -- well, then, welcome to Camp Egotastic!)

March most definitely came in like a lion, and we're not even close to being done. Enjoy.

And for more moving pictures of Lauren Stoner's bikini body and asstastic:

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