Lucy Collett Topless Ginger Madness Run Continues, We May Not Survive

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We only really met Lucy Collettthree months ago and already we want to give her the key to our apartment, the password to our ATM cards, and the right to make unlimited babies with our biological matter. It's been one fairy tale romance, you might say.

This knock-out ginger glamour model has taken our brains, hearts, and loins (one of which is much bigger than the other two) and mashed them about as a child to his unsavory peas on his plate. Smooshed. She just makes us tingle in places where doctors will assure you there is no explanation for a tingle. In her latest pictorial from our friends at Nuts, Lucy primps and crawls and scoots and flashes every bit of her curvaceous redheaded awesomeness.

As our general physician, the offshore-licensed doctor Esteban Falanges, always reminds us in these rapid cardiac situations, keep the extremities cool and the heart will follow. In which case, we're going to need more ice packs. Enjoy.

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