Maria Del Lujan Telpuk Topless Pictures Need an Airport Pat Down From Yours Truly

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Okay, so if you don't follow Argentinean politics, you're probably not super familiar with the name Maria Del Lujan Telpuk, the airport security hottie who just a few years ago uncovered about $800K in cold hard cash in the suitcase of a Hugo Chavez agent intent on altering the Argentinean Presidential elections. With her new found news fame from her big airport bust, Maria did what any TSA type agent would do, she took off her clothes and started posing for men's magazines. Ah, what a wonderful wonderful world.

In her recent pictorial for Maxim Argentina, Maria shows exactly why she deserves to be far more on the receiving end of a full body cavity search than the giver of one, although I would list myself as 'completely flexible' in regard to roles in relation to Maria and I and some late night frisking behavior. Unfasten your seat belts, time for take-off. Enjoy.

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