Paz De La Huerta Gets Nekkid Again for Terry Richardson

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There's got to be something reasonably fun about being a celebrity photographer and calling up one of your actress friends and asking her if she wants to come over to shoot some nekkid photos. Of course, there aren't many photographers who even ask, and there are few Hollywood celebrities who would jump in their car and come on over to do so, but Terry Richardson and Paz de la Huerta have no such issues.

Once again, Paz has got her tops off and into her birthday suit for Terry's camera, looks like it might just be Paz's backyard, not out in the streets as last time, flashing her very un-shy body for the camera and all the world to see. It's a something something right there. Not only do we delight in the chance to see the Boardwalk Empire star without her clothes on, but these pictures always give us hope that other actresses will cowboy up to the plate for their turn and stop being such pretend prissies about their bodies. It's a dream more than a hope, but we feel it strongly.  Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader 'Rab Mie' for the head's up on Paz's latest shoot.)

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