Rihanna See-Through Top Pictures Flash Her Apples in the Big Apple

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There may be some naysayers as to the Rihanna hotness debate, but there can be no discussion over whether or not Rihanna is one of the finest contributors of celebrity skintastic around, portraying a woman very comfortable with her body, and very comfortable showing off the goods.

Does Rihanna freak out when her nekkid love-me-do cell phone pictures hit the net? Nope. When she's caught drunk and dirty dirty dancing in a hometown parade? Nope. Topless in between wardrobe changes on a music video set? Nope. Nope. And, nope. She's pretty damn cool.

And if you can't catch Rihanna topless, she'll just go ahead and make it easy for you by wearing a see-through top down the streets of New York City. What the heck, if she can flash them there, she can flash them anywhere. So, yeah, by our inaccurate statistical measurements, about one in four of you out there do not share our own feelings of infinite lust toward this hot-bodied Bajan diva, but one-hundred percent of you should be saluting her fine efforts to un-uptight the reputation of female celebrities everywhere. Enjoy.

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