Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures Provide A Sweet Mama Boob Slip in Miami

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Oh, mama, it's about time. After all this cub-to-cougar leering at Rita Rusic and her half-century bikini wonderments several times a week this entire Winter in Miami, finally the veteran Euro-hottie provides us with a blessed full on slip of her full mama melon beneath her poorly adjusted bikini. I mean, we do deserve this. Do we judge while Rita spends her days in a tiny bikini dry humping her half-her-age boyfriend on the beach daily? No, we do not (although, we do get terribly jealous). All good things should come to women who share of themselves, especially bare slipping funbags on the beach, those women deserve many many good things.

Rita Rusic, red bikini, wardrobe malfunction, like a little bit of Santa in late March. Enjoy.

P.S. Just for a bit more Rita funtastic, here's the now 51 year old hottie, thirty years ago in a screenshot from Attila, Scourge of God. Yeah, she was always sweet.

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