'Spring Breakers' Topless Extras Caught Being Topless Extras

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Yours truly was an extra once on the set of a beach movie. I drank fake beer for 10 hours, burnt the shizz out of my shnozz, walked back and forth between the same ten foot plot of sand over and over again, and got paid $44 with a $10 parking bonus for my troubles. If it weren't for the fact that I was surrounded by hot girls in bikinis for those 10 hours, I might call it the biggest gyp day ever, but, instead, let's just call it all kinds of awesome.

As much as we do so dig Ashley, Selena, and Vanessa on the set of the marvelously cast Spring Breakers, somebody's got to bring you the bare boobtastic hard work of the topless extras on the set of the Harmony Korine film. These girls have a craft, an art, and it needs to be shared with the world in double doses of tan-lined excellence. Let us never forget the people behind the stars that play their part in making movie magic, topless sextastic movie magic. Enjoy.

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