SueLyn Medeiros Flashes Thong Clad Badonkadonk in Barbados

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Is it possible to love a woman for just her amazing dumper? SueLyn Medeiros is our test case for sure. 

It seems like every time we see Brazilian born model SueLyn Medeiros she's either been in an accident, the subject of some investigation, in the midst of lawsuits and sex tape releases, or filming her reality show pilots, with all of the former explaining the latter. But, once in a while, we do get to see that for which we truly do appreciate this kookie but altogether asstastic 'Latina Kim Kardashian' -- her epic trunk.

And there's good junk beneath that thong SueLyn was flashing down Barbados way on vacation with some new man, to new to yet even count as the latest boyfriend, but flashing all kinds of mind-blowing bottom views. Enjoy

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