Thank God It's Funbags: Sabine Priek Flesh Puppies For The End of Week Wanktastic

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It's one of my goals in life to never ever make a beautiful woman feel like an object. And if I can do so whilst drooling out of my mouth, my eyes laser-locked on her glorious funbags, and my other bodily parts barely showing a modicum of decent cultural restraint, well then, all the better. 

Except on Fridays. On Fridays we cast aside the polite dictates of a pleasant society that pretend that dudes aren't checking out every single pair of fantastical melons that move within the eye-orbital sphere and we just announce to the world, 'I am man, watch me ogle.' And this Friday, we ogle the amazingly leer-worthy Sabine Priek, whose can-tastics need eyeball attention as flowers need the sun.

It's all natural, it's all good, it's ever so healthy, and, it's Friday. Enjoy.

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