With Tigers Woods Comeback Comes '3 Mistresses' With Their 15 Minutes of Infamy (VIDEO)

It's weird to think back a couple years when we learned that Tiger Woods had banged about 100 or more women, not his hot model-nanny wife, with a list of mistress names that ranged from the girl next door (literally) to advanced porn stars and Vegas strippers. He pretty much stuck his 9-iron in every available hole. And when you're the world's most famous and rich golfer, the possibilities are endless.

Now, a couple years and a couple hundred million dollars later, Tiger Woods is finally back on his golf game, and our friends over at Vivid are back on their game as well, pimping their 3 Mistressesvideo, featuring some adult style action in a 'show all' video featuring Joslyn James, Holly Sampson, and Devon James, three of the girls on Tiger's lengthy conquest list.

What surprises me the most, and, no, it's not three trashy ladies cashing in the final paychecks on their fifteen minutes of fame, is just how, well, diverse looking these ladies are. Tiger really did have the eye of the tiger if you know what I'm saying. See prey, attack prey, turn on the lights after they're gone. Nevertheless, as always, you make the call. Enjoy.

(Note: if the video won't play, just give it a few minutes and try again, Dailymotion slow today.)

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