Boob Tube Roundup Includes Some 'Game of Thrones' Dramatic Nekkidness and Some Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavetastic (VIDEO)

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I'm not a man who is easily shocked. Okay, sure, any talk by women of female private things does make me light-headed, but as far as scenes on the screen, I'm as even keeled as they come. But this weekend's Boob Tube offerings just exploded with some truly memorable half and fully nekkid moments including Carice Van Houten giving birth to something wicked in Game of Thrones, Maisie Dee being deliciously spanked (before it gets ugly) in the very dame GOT, Lena Durham on the bottom in a truly funny sex scene from Girls, and Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing her moneymakers in this Lifetime show The Client List that seems like an odd combination of late night Skinemax mixed with Cosmo with a dash of Oprah. It's all good. Enjoy.

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