Candice Swanepoel See-Through Bra Pictures For the Nippleworshippers in All of Us

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Don't get me started on man's instinctual adoration of all things nipple related. If it were a socially viable option, we men folk would have key chains, iPhones, and Honey Nut Cheerios all fashioned into the shape of female nipples. Sure, women aren't so as crazed, because they got their own; we of the less fair gender must constantly be on the hunt to rediscover the nurturing milky spouts of our very very youth.

So blessed be Candice Swanepoel, the uber hot South African model phenom, bless EgoReader  'Barsus' for sharing, and even bless creeper photog Terry Richardson for being ever so inclined to get the bare body parts of his celebrity models into his work product, including the delightful glimpse of Swanepoel nip by way of her see-through bra. It's a hidden treat that could be easily overlooked, or, savored for hours and hours of giggling fun adult nursing roleplay fun time.

Today, we choose the latter. Enjoy.

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