Holly Peers Goes Ta-2-Ta With Rhian Sugden In Our Weekly Page 3 Bare Boobtastic Battle

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Now, we normally run our epically vicious topless Page 3 battle of the chest bulges on Thursdays, but this week, my A.D.D. has kicked in so heavily, I can't wait for silly things such as regular schedules, I need to share the goodness of boobness right now and on the spot.

So, we've got a true showcase showdown of the chest puppies spectaculars courtesy of two of our absolute favorite melon warriors, the deliciously built Holly Peers and the delightfully stacked Rhian Sugden. To decide between the two of these brilliantly hot young lasses would be like a father deciding between his two daughters as to who he loves more. And, oh, how I'd love to roleplay out that naughty scenario with Holly and Rhian as my two precious girls. Now, I need some alone time to think. Enjoy.

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