India Reynolds Booby Babes Pictorial Is Out of This Mammarial World

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I remember being a kid at the ice cream parlor, must have been taken there by Old Man Gumps, he restrained himself to above the waist tender caresses, which seemed like a reasonably fair deal for an ice cream cone if you were among the kids whose folks would not provide you the dairy treat otherwise. One of these times, the guy serving ice cream brought out two scoops instead of one, and with an 'Oops, I gave you too much' was about to whisk away the bowl when Old Man Gumps grabs him firmly by the wrist and says, 'There's no such thing as too much of a good thing.' For a dirty old man, that Gumps could drop a load of wisdom on you.

Ice cream, or outrageously hot funbags, which are essentially the ice cream for grown up boys, too much is never enough. So, for a second helping of Ta Ta Tuesdays, why not serve up the amazingly sextastic India Reynolds in her latest and greatest Nuts pictorial, the appropriately titled Booby Babes shoot. I'll take two scoops of that please.

So, even though I'm feeling melancholy for Old Man Gumps, I can still picture how the misunderstanding parents drove him out of town, life is truly bittersweet, and India Reynolds today is providing the sweet parts. Enjoy.

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