It's Holly Peers vs. Holly Peers In a Groundbreaking Thursday Page 3 Topless Battle

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We've broken much new ground here on Egotastic! In fact, we're responsible for up to eleven of the top one-hundred greatest inventions of the 21st century, to date, running list, natch. But, now, we're taking the leading edge and making it our bitch once more with this epic showdown of Holly Peers versus her own hot and naughty bodacious self in our weekly Page 3 boobtastic battle of celebrity foursomes.

Our good friends at Page 3 conceived not one but two pictorials of the ridiculously hot Holly Peers this week, one if by pool, and one if by shower, and since we couldn't decide which we preferred better ourselves, we decided to leave that entirely up to you.

Tata e tata, four enter, only two may leave. Enjoy.

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