Lucy Collett and Leah Francis Bring Out the Big Guns for Ta-Ta--Tuesdays

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What do you get when you put four hot young giggly glamour models onto the same photo shoot stage and tell them to act natural? You get eight parts of awesomeness is what you get, the perfect recipe for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays wherein we celebrate the bountiful bodily harvest of ripe sextasitcs like Lucy Collett, Leah Francis, Stacey Poole, and Danielle Sharp, all recent standouts in the celeb glamour model worlds, all smooshed chestily together by our friends at Nuts for one memorable 'Big Boobs' pictorial.

There are still some people in this world who do not fully comprehend the power of the chest puppies to heal the world. Do not let your heart be troubled by their uninformed comments about your big bold boobtastic viewing. They know not what they speak. Enjoy.

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