Lucy Collett Topless Ginger Hotness Highlights Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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Oh, blessed ginger hotness and whoever wishes to take responsibility for creating the combination of sexy redheads, big bodacious funbags, and sheer jiggly giggly hotness. It's the best recipe ever invented.

For this week's Ta-Ta-Tuesday, why not pay homage to this amazing mix of all that is unholy with the latest and greatest behind the scenes look at Lucy Collett in her April Nuts magazine photoshoot, bouncing and flouncing and paying smiling lip service to the camera, while we stare like stupid boys and wonder about what comes next. Well, I have some idea what comes next, but this is a family website, so let's just say, you're going to want to lay out the plastic sheets. 

Lucy Collett means business, people. Do not ogle without proper preparations. Enjoy.

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