Lucy Collett Topless Lingerie Pictorial; It's Stripety Goodness!

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It's up, up, and away for Page 3 Idol Winner Lucy Collett (a.k.a. Lucy V.) as she takes her fifteen minutes of publicly elected fame and turns it into fifteen bazillion reasons to fall in lust with her in her ever increasingly hot flesh-filled pictorials, highlighting the bodily assets of this redhot ginger sextastic.

In her recent zebra striped lingerie photoshoot, and let's call it a lingerie photoshoot even though most of even those skimpy little things thankfully don't stay on for too long, Lucy Collett shows why the killer combo of ginger hotness and naughty hot bodiness form an entirely irresistable one-two-punch right to the gonadial regions of gentlemen viewers everywhere.


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