Rihanna Nipple Slipping Bikinis Pictures Shared By... Rihanna

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Let me tell you exactly why, lust her or not, Rihanna is one of the most admirably sextastic celebrities on this entire spinning gaseous ball we call our home planet.

When Rihanna sends naughty sext messages with pictures to her boyfriend and they get circulated around the web does she run to her team of $5K suited attorneys and shrill P.R. hacks to lay waste to media outlets for damage control? Nope, she just smiles and says, 'enjoy the look'.

When Rihanna gets wasted in her home country parade and starts getting all kinds of naughty jiggy with it, bumping and grinding in barely there clothes, does she call a press conference and announce that she's going into fake rehab and apologize to her fans? Nope, she just smiles and says, 'man, that was one helluva party.'

And when Rihanna goes on vacation to Hawaii and takes tons of sexy photos of herself, including one that clearly shows her nipple, does she order it shredded, burned, and destroyed? Nope, she posts it to her Facebook account to share with the world.

Rihanna is a breath of fresh air. A hot, sextastic, sweet bodied breath. Enjoy.

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