Rosie Jones and Lacey Banghard, Two Ta-Ta Titans Go Chest to Chest in Thursday's Page 3 Battle

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When two tribes go to war, four points you shall score. Or four delicious delightful D-cupped funbags, courtesy of the spectacularly hot Rosie Jones, who in her early 20's is already a veteran contestant of many hot body contests vs. Lacey Banghard, last year's Page 3 Idol winner and all-around perfectly named bodacious glamour model. It's truly a matchup for the ages.

As always, once the blood returns to your head, we'll let you decide your own winner. Just be careful you don't lose an eye. Enjoy.

P.S. The good folks at Page 3 did a longform video with Rosie Jones following her Page 3 shoot this week. Check out the stills from this amazing bit of Rosie-on-fire. It's simply beautiful:

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