Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Pose-Off: The Bridge vs. The Eagle in Epic Contortion Showdown (You Get to Vote!)

I honestly can't remember a time here on Egotastic! where we got flooded with more fan mail, and just one or two little boxes with ticking sounds inside, insisting, pleading, begging, and downright offers of bizarre anatomic acts in order to see more of the minx-mazing body hotness of Sara Jean Underwood and her nekkid yoga posing from Playboy.

And, since we're bowing to the unruly mob, why not turn this into a chance to first-ever test out our user voting polls to see if you can decide betwixt awesome and more awesome as Sara Jean Underwood presents both the nekkid Eagle pose and the nekkid Bridge post. It's yogatastic.

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