Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Tidal Waves Rolls on With 'Plow Pose'

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I feel like Santa hitting the mailbox around Yuletide, and, no not just because my belly rolls when I laugh and I smell of mulled wine 24x7, but because of our overflowing mailbox with present-related requests, granted, the presents requested are more nekkid picture of Sara Jean Underwood from her amazing Playboy yoga series, and, let's also be real, all these letters are from the 'naughty boy' section.

But who are we to deny the spirit of giving with only eight months until Christmas, hence, feast your peepers upon the hot nekkid minx, Sara Jean Underwood, demonstrating the 'Shoulder Stand with Plow Pose'. I guarantee it'll have you feeling fertile. Enjoy.

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